Using nature’s best to detox

It all started back in 2004, life was extremely hectic and we were looking for an easy way to detox and remove toxins.

The Japanese have a long history of wellbeing and their life expectancy is among the highest on the planet being 83.3 years.   We thought … the Japanese must be doing something right..

The first carton of Footsies was imported and supplied to the Australian and overseas market.   Since that time the people who use Footsies and the Practitioners who prescribe them to their clients has grown.

It is up to us to look after our own health and removing the toxins from our systems is the perfect place to start.

SPOROLIFE : The most detoxifying blue print

sporolife detox ingredient to remove toxins

The ingredients within Footsies Detox Foot Patches are the most studied on the planet.  And now the Footsies detox program is the easiest to add to your daily routines.

We’re making these ingredients and the patches as easy as possible to use. Because the world is asking more of you. Of everyone. We’d all feel a lot better doing that work if we got the toxins out of our system.

Rigorously researched & lab tested

We take our health and the products we bring to you very seriously.

Our factory in Japan uses only the most studied ingredients from the most trusted sources.

We research our formulas and purity levels and have them tested by our 3rd party testers

We research and collect data after the detox treatment. So you don’t have to think about the science.

Unless you want to. In which case, stop by our and see how the Footsies Detox Patches  are made.