A recent report by UNICEF have found that millions of Indian children are living with lead poisoning.

Lead poisoning and metal toxicity comes with many life-threatening health consequences.  Some of the issues can be delayed developmental milestones, low IQ, brain and neurological damage among others.

Some of the worst heavy metal offenders include arsenic, mercury and nickel.

Metal poising can also come with serious and potentially fatal health consequences.  The consequences of metal poising can be physical, muscular, and neurological degeneration, autoimmune disorders and even cancer.

So what can we do about lead poisoning and metal toxicity?

A home remedy I have incorporated into our every day life is onion and garlic.  I have found a delicious chick pea salad which contains both.

Onion and garlic are both rich in sulphur which detoxifies the liver and removes toxic metals such as lead and arsenic.

When my husband was diagnosed with arsenic in his system he also started on a 4 month Footsies detox foot patch program.

If you are concerned about the heavy metals which may be in your system it is certainly worth getting a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) Test.