Our liver is our largest organ of the body and plays such an important role in removing the toxins.

The Liver has the ability to spot and turn toxic substances into harmless material which are later expelled out of the body.

But that is not all…

The Liver regulates our blood supply and at the same time cleans our blood.  It communicates with other organs of the digestive system such as the stomach and gallbladder.

Unfortunately the poor liver is under attack.  The world is experiencing an increase in fatty liver disease, liver cancer and the general rise in dependence on alcohol and junk food plus drug addiction.

The European Association recently released a study and it was found liver diseases account for nearly 2 million deaths each year world wide.


What can we do to assist our Liver?

Some simple things you can do.

  1. Start the day with a lemon drink…  Make it up the night before and have it ready for yourself in the morning.  Your liver will love you for it as will your skin.
  2. Limit your intake of alcohol, sugar and processed foods.  Your whole body will thank you for this one.  Choose one thing to tackle each week.
  3. Complete a Footsies detox program.  It  is one of the most flexible detox programs available.

Use the Footsies Detox Pads every night for an intense detox program or once or twice a week for maintenance.   The choice is your’s depending on the lifestyle you are living.