I know the amount of sleep I get makes such a massive difference to how I feel during the day.

What I have just learnt is something as simple as the position I sleep in can also make an impact.

Sleeping enables our body to clean and remove toxins that have accumulated in our brain during the day. The toxins are then moved out of the body through the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF).

For this process to occur and for us to rid our bodies of all waste substances we need to get a sufficient amount of good quality sleep.

This is nothing new, but don’t click away just yet….

But what about our sleeping position?

Dr Helene Benveniste from Stony Brook University School of Medicine found the position we sleep in affects our brains and the process of ridding the body of metabolic waste.

Doing a study with mice it showed sleeping on our side is the best way to stimulate our brain’s nightly detoxification process.

I must admit when I first saw the start of the article I thought “oh no it is going to be on your back and I am going to have to try hard to find a new way to sleep”.

Sleeping on my side is my favourite and it has just made my day to discover this is the best for detoxing .

By sleeping on my side I have allowed my body the best chance of removing substances such as amyloid, tau proteins and other molecules which can lead to Alzheimer’s.