How many times have you heard reduce, reuse, and recycle? Probably just like you I do try my hardest but it isn’t always easy.

I’ve seen many times people reusing plastic water bottles and wondered if it was safe to do so?

Plastic bottles made from a variety of compounds are manufactured into synthetic polymers.

Plastic bottles also have a recycling code imprinted on them which, if you really want to know, tells you what type of plastic the bottle is made from.

For me personally I am more worried about the water I am drinking and the impact on my health.

A recent study from National Institute of Health researched the bottled water from various manufacturers and found 93% of the water in the bottles was contaminated with microplastics.

Microplastics are tiny particles of plastic that leach into liquid or food from the container they’re housed in.

I have purchased a good quality bottle and use this for my drinking water.

If you get stuck and have to reuse a disposal water bottle take the following precautions will reduce your risk:-

  • look out for dents or cracks.  Once the bottle shows any signs of wear and damage get rid of it;
  • never, ever, heat the bottle up.  This allows the chemicals to leach out.
  • if using the bottle in a hot environment (i.e. summer, hot yoga class) throw it away;
  • where possible wash between uses – I have started to pay more attention to this just for my normal bottle.

Stay safe and choose the bottle you use for your daily water needs wisely….

Plastic Toxins to Avoid