The reason why this book was written..


Cancer doctors regularly lie about success rates and the system is designed to steer patients toward the most expensive treatment possible.  Over use of unproven cancer treatments (as chemotherapy).

We have doctors who want money.  We have companies that want money, doctors who give unnecessary chemotherapy…unnecessary surgeries, treatments and unnecessary imaging”
Dr Otis Brawley, The Chief Medical Officer of the American Cancer Society, speaks to the Association of Health Care Journalists May 2012.

This ‘whistle-blower’ speech by the highest medico in the American Cancer Society has encouraged thousands to now investigate the many genuine natural therapies that have been suppressed for years.  This book shows (with color shots and tables of hospital controlled trials) the genuine pioneering work of Dr John Prudden M.D. Med. Sc. D whose discoveries include the reversal of 32% of 33 terminal cancers, published in the J. of Biological Response Modifiers, in 1985, with follow-ups that highlighted a further 12 cases who were cured.  These included total cure of three pancreatic cancers still alive 15 years later.

The author of this book worked in America and Australia with Dr Prudden’s guidance in 1996-98 and continues his work to this day.

This book also teaches how to apply six other proven synergistic (working-together) gentle but powerful immune system boosters, that have greatly enhanced the effects of Dr Pruddien’s discoveries.  Some of htese are now used throughout the Russian hospital system.

As an eyewitness account of the powerful therapuetic effects of bovine cartilage, in 1998 I had the privilege of an invitation to dinner in Stamford, Connecticut with Dr Prudden’s secretary and her husband, who was one of the three terminal pancreatic cancers recorded in this book.  He had been free of cancer for 13 years as had the other two successful pancreas cases in that study.  This is almost unheard of in cancer medicine.

The author, Michael Sichel ND DO (46 years in practice)