When I was a boy there was no need for nut-free schools.  Children going to school camp did not have to be line up to receive their medications from the teachers.  Autism was virtually unknown.  What is happening to our children?

Unlike modern day environmental triggers, genetics do not change quickly.  Investigating these triggers and their damaging consequences can and does give parents a good chance to restore their child to normalcy and allow that child the opportunity to live a fulfilling life.

It is a tragedy that the medical profession is so reluctant to acknowledge this and instead tell parents little can be done other than use pharmaceutical medicines to manage symptoms.  Michael Sichel’s book demonstrates that all it takes for viable solutions to become a reality is a willingness to look for answers.

Dr Emmanuel Varipatis FACNEM ACAM, Fellow International Board of Chelation

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  • ADHD drugs can be eliminated
  • new childhood disorders are related: ADD, Asperger, ADHD, autism, ODD
  • to identify and repair the causes of these ‘Autism Spectrum Disorders’
  • ADHD, RETTS, OCD, etc have become known as Autism Spectrum Disorders or ASD
  • the gut effects the brain in 80% of regressive ASD – and why
  • in 3,486 ASD children 47% improved by removing refined sugars
  • natural measles infection is good for healthy children
  • mild and bread cause ‘brain fog’ in 64% of 900 ASD children
  • natural chicken-pox give 60% less brain tumours and less shingles
  • fevers are a blessing in disguise
  • refined sugar is a serious immune system retardant
  • refinded sugar cause hyperadrenalism/hyperactivity in many children
  • mercury, lead and arsenic (major causes) can be detected and removed
  • most natural infections protect for life but not so with vaccines
  • simple and safe natural child care works
  • it is illegal that parents are not told the serious downside of immunisation
  • hidden vaccine-generated immune damage can often be repaired